Resource Financial Services, Inc. helps credit unions generate additional loan volume and non-interest income through comprehensive analysis, consultation, and training in the realms of consumer lending and ancillary product sales.

Resource Financial Services, Inc., established in 1994, provides the following products, in addition to comprehensive and ongoing training programs, to Credit Unions in the Texas market


Vehicle Service Contracts

Resource Financial Services works with Old Republic Insurance Company (ORIAS), based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. ORIAS has been in the Vehicle Service Contract business since 1975 and RFS has provided this coverage to Credit Unions for 20+ years.

ORIAS provides coverage to vehicles up to 15 years old and unlimited miles currently on their odometer. This guarantees that 95%, or more, of your members vehicles are eligible for coverage. Also, ORIAS provides top-of-the-line coverage for vehicles with up to 100,000 miles currently on the odometer!

Our Vehicle Service Contracts can be added at ANY TIME, which allows you to offer coverage to your entire auto loan portfolio. This feature provides more sales opportunities for your lending staff. We will even provide marketing material to solicit your current loan portfolio.

Quality, Service, Selection and Training set this program apart from others. Our programs save Credit Union members hundreds of dollars over comparable dealer programs and provide valuable income to the Credit Union.

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GAP and GAP Plus

Resource Financial Services works with HUB Financial Group, located in Coppell, Texas and American National  Insurance Company, located in League City, Texas. GAP covers the difference between market value and the loan balance, in the event your member’s vehicle becomes a total loss.

This is a very affordable product to offer your members and produces valuable income for the Credit Union.  We feel that GAP is the BEST product to come along in the last several years, and we insure that your employees understand and offer every member this great benefit. This is a must product for all Credit Unions.

We also provide GAP Plus – No Deficiency. This is just like regular GAP but it also provides your member $1,000 towards their replacement vehicle, if they finance that replacement vehicle back with your Credit Union, within 90 days. This coverage is not available in the dealer market, so it gives you an additional benefit your members cannot get at the dealerships.

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Dent Guard

with Auto Deductible Reimbursment

Dent Guard ADR provides 2 different coverages to your members:

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) uses an innovative process to renmove dents and dings from your vehicle’s metal panels, including bothh horizontal and vertical panels, such as hood, trunk and roof. PDR is non-invasive, unlike traditional dent repair methods which require sanding, painting and body fillers, and it permanently removes the dent without affecting the vehicles original factory finish.
  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR) covers up to $500 of your primary auto insurance deductibles for both comprehensive and collision claims. Plus, expanded benefits for all Family members listed on your primary auto insurance policy. ADR is provided at no additional cost to you with the purchase of Dent Guard ADR.

Coverage is available on both NEW and USED vehicles with NO DEDUCTIBLE and UNLIMITED Claims! Nationwide Coverage provides to members all over the USA.

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Wheel & Tire Protection

Tire and Wheel Protection covers repairs, or replacement if the damage is non repairable, of your vehicle’s tires and/or wheels, when the damage is due to a road hazard.

• No limit on the number of repairs during your contract term 
• No deductible or cash outlay—just “Sign and Drive” 
• Flexible choice of coverage terms up to 84 months 
• Transferrable coverage 
• Available on both new and pre-owned vehicles ROAD

• Potholes    • Nails
• Glass    • Debris    • Metal

• 24/7/365 roadside assistance for non-accident events, including:
• Towing    • Jump Starts    • Tire changes    
• Lockout Assistance    • Vehicle Fluid Delivery 
• Coverage in all US territories, Puerto Rico and Canada

• Full replacement cost of tires and wheels 
• Tire balancing, mounting and valve stems 
• Cosmetic wheel repair 
• Curb impact repair/replacement 
• Rental car reimbursement up to $50 per day for a maximum of 3 days

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Credit Insurance/Debt Cancellation

Resource Financial Services currently services the credit insurance needs of Credit Unions and we have a long-term relationship with American National Insurance Company, an A+ (Excellent), A.M. Best rated company, based in League City, Texas and covering Americans since 1905.

We specialize in the continual training of your loan officers in order to maximize the penetration level of your life and disability coverage. RFS has increased penetration levels at every account that has utilized our training methods. Our overhead is lower than our competitors and we are usually able to increase your monthly income, when compared to your current provider.

Additionally, we provide higher maximums on Life, Disability and Monthly Payment, than most of our competitors, with maximums of $100,000 per loan on both life & disability and a monthly payment of $1,000 per loan. These maximums will meet your current lending needs and insure that your existing loan portfolio will be fully covered.

We produce monthly reports that track the Credit Union’s penetration levels, as well as each loan officer’s progress, track the status of your members’ claims, and ANICO they pay claims via ACH for the fastest payment.

Bundled Products

Ultra Protection

No matter where you’re headed, dents, dings, blowouts, flats, chips and cracks await.  Even the most common incidents can result in uncommon repair costs.  DentGuard Ultra Protection offers comprehensive coverage to get you back on the road fast with no out-of-pocket expense, while protecting your investment. 

Ultra Protection includes:

  • Tire & Wheel Protection
  • Dent Protection
  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement
  • Windshield Protection
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

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Non-Interest Income

With the proper pricing and retention, our loan products can create a truly significant impact to your earnings, while simultaneously providing tremendous value to your members.

MENU PRESENTATION – Our MENU Presentation does not focus on selling, rather, our methods create the conditions by which your members convince themselves of the value of your products. The MENU Presentation shows the member their monthly payment with all of the different product combinations, with the touch of a button. The loan officer simply offers the members their monthly payment options. The combination of these aspects creates a win-win for your members and your bottom line.

Our Credit unions that utilize the MENU Presentation routinely obtain their highest penetration levels on all products, across the board.

Credit Union Testimonials

“I enthusiastically recommend Mike Reichenstein and RFS. In an environment where aftermarket products have become commoditized, the true distinction becomes much more about service, relationship and training. Mike’s team excels at all of these qualities. Mike is a man of honor and integrity. LCFCU has a strong partner in RFS. The results? Our members are well protected against unexpected loss at an affordable price. The LCFCU team is exceedingly well trained and feel confident in sales presentation. Non-Interest Income has increased materially thanks to additional sales. I wish that every vendor partner was as responsive as Mike.” 

Kevin Scott
CEO Las Colinas Credit Union

Red River Credit Union switched our auto loan products to Resource Financial Services two years ago and haven’t looked back.  Our product sales have doubled since Mike Reichenstein and his staff took over. Their staff are great to work, they provide excellent training of our loan officers, and their products are top notch for our membership.  We have an excellent partnership with RFS and look forward to growing our portfolio even more in the years to come.  For any financial institution looking to upgrade, I highly recommend Mike and Resource Financial Services for your auto loan insurance products.

Brad Bailey
CEO Red River Credit Union

Mike Reichenstein and his team at Resource Financial Services have been a great business partner for many years.  The insight they provide on their products and continued support and coaching to my loan staff has been extremely helpful.  Mike’s team is quick to respond and handle any request.  They understand our program and the positive impact that their products can have for our members.  The MENU they provide gives my staff the tools to display payment calculations and savings in an impactful way for our members.  Over the years, we have seen a continued increase in product penetration which ultimately has led to an increase in the non interest income for the credit union.  I look forward to continuing our business partnership with Resource Financial Service for years to come. 

Luke Campbell SCMS, CUDE
V.P. of Member Loyalty and Opportunity

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