Benefits of Resource Financial Service/ASG Results

  • Resource Financial Services will help the Credit Union develop an effective marketing and incentive plan that will maximize the Credit Union’s production, including letters that have proven effective at other Credit Unions. Samples provided.

  • Resource Financial Services has a full time training staff that can provide group training as well as one-on-one training for the entire credit union staff, to ensure a successful program.

  • Monthly reports and graphs showing the Credit Union’s production and each loan officer’s production will be provided.

  • All contracts have been reviewed and approved by Blalack & Williams.

  • A full menu of Credit Union training programs.

Credit Union Training Programs:

  • Initial Training – In depth product training on Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP, Dent Guard and Credit Insurance to kick off the program. This training will be designed around the Credit Union schedule to best fit their needs. We will insure that all employees are confident in their knowledge of the program, have a full understanding of the coverage on each product, can answer member questions and extoll the benefits of all products to each member’s needs.

  • Ongoing Training & Support – One-on-one training on an ongoing effort as needed or requested by Credit Union staff or based on individual production.

  • Availability & Staff Support – One-on-one training with all new employees as they become employed so that they are ready to hit the ground running and have a full understanding of each and every product.

  • Personal Service – Your staff will have each of our cell phone numbers as well as our office numbers, so that they can contact us any time they have questions or need assistance. We bend over backwards to give you the best personal service on an immediate basis. We are available at all times and your increased productivity will be our #1 priority. We are smaller than some of our competitors, but we give you the personal service you deserve.

  • Web Based Pricing and Administration – Our web site allows your staff to sell all products utilizing one site, print all product forms, provide member payment options on all products, including credit insurance (even if we don’t provide that coverage), menu presentation payments and easy end of month remittance on all products.

  • Car School – In depth training for the Credit Union loan staff on the auto dealer world and how to get your members to come to the Credit Union BEFORE visiting the dealership. How to increase member applications as well as improve your auto loan closing ratio. This program teaches your staff how the car buying process occurs at dealerships and how to guide and instruct your members through the process without falling into the dealer traps. Basically getting them a better deal on their vehicle while retaining the loan at your Credit Union. This is a full day, 8 hour class that is very detailed.

  • Lending Skills Workshop – We will train your lending staff to properly and effectively cross-sell from the credit bureau, credit report accuracy and discovery, how to build depth with a member, and ask the member the right questions during loan interviews

  • Online Database Information – We provide the Credit Union loan staff availability to an online database website so that they can better inform members what their vehicle trade-ins and pre-owned purchases are really worth. More valuable information that will assist your members in the car buying process and help the Credit Union retain the loan.

  • Rebate Calculator (0% Financing) – We will give your loan staff the tools to prove to the member how 0% really works and the benefits of taking the rebate and financing at the Credit Union. Only 18% of members that go to the dealership for 0% actually leave with 0% financing. Our Rebate Calculator gives a clear cut explanation to the member on what their rebate is actually worth in interest.

  • Interest Rate Discounts – Our interest rate calculator shows you how incorporating interest rate discounts with products purchased by the member will actually earn the Credit Union additional income, more loans and a stronger loan for the Credit Union.

  • Direct Member Services – We can provide member seminars on “Common Sense Approach to New Car Shopping” based on the same concepts taught to your staff in “Car School”. We have done these for Credit Union members in a group setting.

  • Addendums for closed end loans – Written by Blalack & Williams, these addendums allow addition of all products on closed end loans, without the need for refinancing. This allows you to market all products to the membership and allows your staff to sell products at anytime without all of the paperwork involved in refinancing the loan easy form of completing the loan transaction.

  • Project 300 – This is our complete menu sales training program that bundles products together and makes it easy for loan staff to present every product while providing several payment options. EVERY Credit Union that has implemented Project 300 has seen a significant increase in product sales. Additionally, and most importantly, the loan staff prefers presentation approach to selling products individually to members. The member’s like the fact that they are not being “sold” and that they have power to choose which package and payment best fits their needs. This loan process WILL increase non-interest income AND give your staff complete confidence when presenting products.

  • Detailed Reports – We provide detailed reports on monthly sales production and penetration so that the Credit Union and RFS can determine production by branch and individuals. It gives us a chance to see who needs additional training or attention, so that we can maximize productivity. It also provides a nice “scoreboard” for the Credit Union staff.

  • Marketing Support – We help Credit Unions design and send letters to members with existing loans, 3-4 times per year marketing your products and their benefits along with easy ways for them to add the coverage to existing loans. This has been very successful and we always see an increase in sales.

  • Auto Market – We are in the process of developing a “Preferred Dealer” list that the members can use to get Fleet pricing AND a guarantee from the dealers to not flip financing and allow the Credit Union to sell all after-market products.

  • Auto Draft – A very effective way to allow your members to get pre-approved and go shopping with an actual draft instrument. It decreases the chance the loan will be stolen by the dealership and puts the buying power back in the hands of the member. When they go car shopping on the weekend, they have the tool that will allow them to purchase and keep the loan at your Credit Union. More and more lenders are keeping the captive borrower with this tool. It is the number one method of consumer auto loan production for USAA and Randolph Brooks Credit Union.

  • Credit Union Consultation – We have a full time lending expert, Galli Davis, who is available to help your Credit Union in seeking loan growth solutions. He has worked as VP of Lending for three successful credit unions and been a consultant to many other credit unions across Texas. His knowledge and expertise is worth thousands of dollars to outside Credit Unions, but are provided at no cost to our Credit Union partners.

These are a few of the areas addressed during Credit Union Consulting:


  • Progressive Consumer Lending Policy
  • Balanced Risk Tiers
  • Timely Procedures
  • Basis Point Discount / Effective Yield Calculator
  • Balanced Incentive Structure
  • MFL / Single Signature Forms


  • Credit Report Interpretation
  • Loan Interview Essentials
  • Intelligent Cross-Selling
  • Underwriting with Purpose
  • Car School and Site Draft Utilization

Other lending consultants charge thousands of dollars per day for a fraction of these services. Our credit union partners receive all of these services as a benefit of our turnkey training solution.